Lessons from Ari the Calf (A salute to farmed-animal sanctuaries)

Ari the Calf (courtesy of Farm Sanctuary)


     For a great deal of animals born into this world, their short lives are punctuated by incredible pain, loss, and suffering, as much of humanity views many of our fellow earthlings simply as commodities to be used, tormented, and thrown away as worthless objects. Although the majority of these sentient beings are never allowed to touch the earth, to see the sun, or to express any natural desires, the rise of farm sanctuaries across the US and the world are bringing a bit of light and love into an otherwise horrific world for these incredible beings. Most of us have never seen a pig in its natural habitat, wallowing happily in the mud or munching contentedly on a bit of food; a hen, giving herself a dust bath, and calling her chicks to her as she gathers them under her wing; a cow and her calf, nuzzling up to one another as the calf suckles from his mother. Far too often, these bucolic scenes are never allowed to occur, due to our appetite for their flesh and secretions. Farm Sanctuary, a farmed-animal haven in Watkins Glen, New York, is working tirelessly around the clock to provide love, care, and shelter for farm animals that have been rescued from nightmarish conditions on both small farms and factory-style operations.

     The animal activist news cycles was recently awash with articles covering the recent plight of Ari the calf. He was rescued from a slaughterhouse operation where “spent” dairy calves are sent to be killed; his mother gave birth to him moments before she was taken into the slaughterhouse to be torn apart. After a baby calf is born, it is imperative that the mother provide milk to her calf to provide essential nutrients for their survival, yet Ari received no milk or comfort from his mother, being left alone on the cold ground to fend for himself. A baby calf needs to obtain colostrum from their mother, or else there is little chance for survival. Thankfully, a kind woman noticed this small, shivering calf on the ground near the slaughterhouse and made a call to the vet, as well as a call to Farm Sanctuary. Ari is described as “touch and go” at the moment in regards to his health, and a small donation would go a long way to helping cover the cost of his treatment, so that he can make a full recovery. Please considering making a small donation to help this baby calf, and consider going vegan in order to boycott this horrific system that separates mothers from their children. I’ve included a link to the article on Farm Sanctuary’s website, which will give you the option to donate, if you’re able to. If you can’t afford to donate, please share the article so that more people are aware of this reality. 




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