Myriad passions and being vegan.

“May our daily choices be a reflection of our deepest values, and may we use our voices to speak for those who need us most, those who have no voice, those who have no choice.”

― Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

     Speaking the truth has never been a task for a faint of heart, particularly when the truth is in direct opposition to the daily practices of the majority. Perhaps, some vegans and activists may seek the spotlight for their own agendas, but the vast majority of those concerned for the earth, the animals, and the human race speak up against a broken and cruel system simply because its the right thing to do. In the few short years I’ve been living a vegan lifestyle as best I can, I have been soundly criticized, thoroughly chastised, and in short, told to stop telling the truth more times than I can possibly remember. I’ve come to the understanding that many of us go through life without ever stopping and thinking about how we can be making a difference in a meaningful and lasting way, and I used to be one of these individuals. Becoming vegan has profoundly changed my life in an incredible way, and it has helped me reengage with my spiritual heritage in a way I never thought possible.  

     In my own life, I’m a disciple of Christ, and this foundation of faith helps guide my steps as I move through my life. Becoming vegan has helped me understanding the true message of compassion and mercy towards all living beings within the scriptures; therefore, my faith is irrevocably intertwined with my veganism. I do not see them as contradictory in any way whatsoever: rather, I have found that the inherent principles within both concepts are tremendously complimentary.

     I’m also deeply aware that some people may not be so inclined to read a great number of books about being vegan, nor would they watch documentaries about how our food is produced, or be inspired to write or discuss these ethical implications for a vegan lifestyle. That’s all well and good; I understand the hesitation to submerge oneself in a new subject that, on the face of it, can appear to be rather complex and layered. Additionally, we all have our talents, and gifts, and strengths, that allow us to chase what we’re really passionate about and do our best to become a positive force for good in the world. 

     I would be remiss if I did not take this moment to state a very important idea: one can still pursue their passions, goals, and dreams, and still be vegan! An individual does not have to give up their own particular cause or goal to study the depths of the vegan ideal; one can eat vegan food and live a wholly compassionate lifestyle, and still chase after whatever their calling might be. Professor Gary Francione has answered this particular inquiry with great aplomb; to paraphrase, he has insisted that eating a healthy vegan diet would most likely provide you with even greater energy to chase after the passions that inspire you, as well as help provide you with greater compassion in whatever your calling might be. 

     I would urge everyone to strongly consider learning a few key aspects about veganism, and why its so very important for us to live a compassionate life. One does not have to become an eccentric academic to be vegan! Simply gain knowledge into our food system as it currently stands, make the compassionate choice to be vegan, and continue pursuing any goals and causes that inspire and energize you. 


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